Bill Collins AECOM project work - Example Maps


Southern Freight Rail
Corridor Study

Southern Freight Rail
Corridor Study - Maps


Any corridor investigation or environmental impact study requires a broad and comprehensive set of mapping covering a wide range of existing conditions, environmental, social, infrastructure, and economic factors - and SFRCS was no exception. One of the challenges of corridor mapping is getting the map information for the whole corridor onto one (in most cases, A3 size) map sheet.

I produced this set of maps for the SFRCS study - not my best work, but needed also to overcome the added challenge of synthesising spatial data and imagery from three separate councils. Piece of cake. Not...

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Surat Basin Rail
Environmental Impact
Statement (EIS)

Surat Basin Rail
EIS - Maps


I was responsible for all spatial data management and GIS mapping for the Surat Basin Rail EIS. The proposed 210 km railway underwent rigorous investigation, which required a serious level of detail, and reasonably large-scale mapping. A series of standard A3 EIS maps were produced, as well 14 alignment maps at 1:15,000. I have included 2 of the EIS maps, and all 14 of the alignment maps here.

A3 EIS maps:
    SBR EIS map - Community Facilities
    SBR EIS map - Topography

Alignment Maps (1:15,000):
    SBR 1:15,000 Alignment Map 1 - Chainage 1 to 13 km
    SBR 1:15,000 Alignment Map 2 - Chainage 13 to 30 km
    SBR 1:15,000 Alignment Map 3- Chainage 30 to 46 km
    SBR 1:15,000 Alignment Map 4 - Chainage 46 to 62 km
    SBR 1:15,000 Alignment Map 5 - Chainage 62 to 80 km
    SBR 1:15,000 Alignment Map 6 - Chainage 80 to 96 km
    SBR 1:15,000 Alignment Map 7 - Chainage 96 to 113 km
    SBR 1:15,000 Alignment Map 8 - Chainage 113 to 130 km
    SBR 1:15,000 Alignment Map 9 - Chainage 130 to 146 km
    SBR 1:15,000 Alignment Map 10 - Chainage 146 to 163 km
    SBR 1:15,000 Alignment Map 11 - Chainage 163 to 179 km
    SBR 1:15,000 Alignment Map 12 - Chainage 179 to 194 km
    SBR 1:15,000 Alignment Map 13 - Chainage 194 to 209 km
    SBR 1:15,000 Alignment Map 14 - Chainage 209 to 214 km

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Cherbourg Shire

Cherbourg Planning Scheme - Maps


This planning scheme was one of the first to be drawn up using the new Queensland Planning Provisions (QPP) guidelines, the structure and layout rules for which were a radical departure from previous schemes. The mapping symbology, colours, and layout are very specific and standardised.

Normally, these maps would be produced initially using GIS software and then taken into a graphics package (Corel, Adobe) for enhancement and final design. However for this project, using the Maplex label engine its enhanced cartographic capabilities, I produced all these maps entirely within ArcGIS. I developed ArcGIS-based templates for further planning scheme mapping, and this cartographic philosophy was also used for the Kowanyama Council Planning Scheme maps, which I set up and handed over to a spatial systems colleague.

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Brisbane City Council

BCC Stormwater Backflow Investigation - Maps


The brief from the engineer on this project was to produce Systems Maps with areas that were "fuzzy", and I went about designing a method of data capture and display that reflected this fuzziness. I designed the first drafts of these maps before handing the project over to a spatial systems colleague, who produced most of the final maps you see here.

I have included these maps because of their inherent interest - the study came about as a direct result of the infamous 2011 flood in Brisbane, as part of the flood issue downstream of Wivenhoe was the fact that a large amount of the river flood water flowed back up the stormwater drains, since there were no valves to stop it. The consequent suburban flooding was therefore due (at least in part) to this lack of backflow valves.

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