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Bachelor of Arts (Physical Geography) (part), University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia
Certificate of Technology (Surveying), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
Endorsed Certificate of Technology (Survey Drafting), RMIT



  • Surveying, digital mapping, spatial technologies
  • Spatial data formats, Imagery formats, Database/asset system formats
  • Spatial Data Management, Project management
  • Geoprocessing and Spatial Analysis
  • GIS for Emergency Management (Bushfire Recovery)
  • Cartographic Mapping / GeoPDF mapping
  • Information Graphics (Infographics)
  • Spatial & Textual Data Analysis / Data Synthesis
  • Google Earth technology / 3D visualisation
  • 3D spatial data / LiDAR data / CAD / BIM / Location Intelligence
  • Map Projections, Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA94 / GDA2020)
  • Image processing, graphics and presentation technologies
  • Spatial Systems Workflow, Business Process re-engineering
  • Document & Records Management
  • Data Custodianship / Spatial data & metadata standards / ANZLIC/ISO standards / XML
  • Internet/web and mobile mapping technologies


  • ArcGIS suite (ArcGIS v10+, Tools, Extensions, ArcFM, SDE, Dehko, Geodatabases)
  • QGIS software (v3.10+) / IntraMaps v9
  • MapInfo software (to v11)
  • Global Mapper (v13)
  • MS Word / MS Excel / MS Powerpoint (advanced)
  • MS Excel + Power Query
  • 'Crisisworks' - Emergency Management system (advanced)
  • Google spatial systems (Earth, Maps)
  • CAD (AutoCAD, Map 3D, MicroStation)
  • Windows 8-10 system & admin / MS Office 365
  • Image/Graphics (PhotoShop, PhotoImpact)
  • Video editing (Adobe Premiere, Movavi, AVS)
  • Sound / Audio Engineering (AVS)
  • Internet development (HTML, JavaScript, Wordpress, Squarespace)
  • XML, DTD, XLS (XML web formats)
  • DataBase systems (various)


  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Web/Mobile-based information systems
  • Location Technology
  • Video and Audio Production
  • Intellectual Property (IP) / Copyright
  • Australian Music Industry
  • Genealogy & Family History research


(Feb 2020 - May 2021)
East Gippsland Shire Council, Bushfire Recovery
Bushfire Recovery Directorate (BRD), Bushfire Administration Centre - Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia

Position: GIS Officer [contract]
Duties: Support BRD activities using (1) GIS/mapping/spatial technologies and (2) Bushfire-related data/information management


Project work involving GIS-based mapping to support the Secondary Impact Assessment (SIA) field teams undertaking post-bushfire inspections, using:
  • Initial Impact Assessment (IIA) data
  • Crisisworks emergency management (EM) system data
  • QGIS software
  • Excel/database data from various Council systems and external sources
  • Vicmap data, plus other relevant spatial datasets

  • Data management, initiating and developing data-cleansing activities for:
  • SIA field data
  • Crisisworks Case data / Asset data
  • Management of IIA and SIA photos

  • Continuous Improvement of data and systems, including:
  • Initiation of large-scale improvements in the Crisisworks EM system
  • Use of GeoPDF technology in mapping to improve map usefulness
  • The automation of spatial links in QGIS for instant links to Google Maps
  • Initiation of improvements to Crisisworks reporting for Emergency Management Victoria (EMV)
  • Initiation of discussion about Council-wide and State-wide definitions of "Dwelling" and "Principal Place of Residence"
  • Documentation of issues encountered collated into an overall 'Lessons Learned' document
  • The development of guidelines for folder-naming and file-naming


    Spatial data synthesis and Cartographic mapping for various Rebuild Support Service (RSS) programs:
  • Infrastructure mapping (Septics, Stockpiles, Community Resilience, Infrastructure, etc.)
  • Complex Sites mapping

  • Development of a system for the RSS weekly and monthly reporting, using:
  • Excel advanced formula development
  • Office 365 OneDrive deployment
  • Extraction of live Council planning data using Excel/Power Query
  • Mapping of RSS weekly and monthly reporting, using QGIS

  • (2013 - current)
    The Bill Collins Group - GIS & Spatial Systems Consultancy, Brisbane, Australia

    Position: Principal Consultant
    Project work: Bill re-commenced his consultancy business in 2012 and has been undertaking a range of project work.
    As well as involvement in projects within the spatial industry, in recent years Bill has also been involved in the formulation, research, and Business Case development of business ideas into online systems, which has encompassed the diverse areas of Augmented Reality (AR) and an innovative global music industry music information system. Other consulting work has included Business Name ideation/re-branding and graphic design work for new business logos.

    AECOM Australia - Brisbane, Australia

    Position: Principal, GIS & Spatial Systems
    Activities: Administration and co-ordination of the GIS & Spatial Systems Team; Marketing and promotion of geospatial activities; Project work - spatial data management and analysis, cartographic mapping and presentation; Deployment and future development of new and emerging geospatial technologies within AECOM.
    Has undertaken Department of Defence work, with a 'Restricted' level security clearance.
    Some of the project work Bill was involved with has included the following:


    • Surat Basin Rail (SBR) project [examples *]
    • Southern Freight Rail Corridor Study (SFRCS) [examples *]
    • Petrie-Redcliffe Multi-modal Corridor study (Moreton Bay Rail)
    • Queensland Transport Metropolitan Four-track Investigation
    • Queensland Rail Electrical Network asset data capture and mapping
    • QLD Transport Network Reconstruction Program (TNRP) resulting from the 2011 Queensland floods.
    • 11-month secondment as GIS Manager, Queensland Rail


    • Brisbane City Council (BCC) Stormwater Backflow Investigation [examples *]
    • Gladstone-Fitzroy pipeline
    • Toowoomba Pipeline (Wivenhoe - Cressbrook)
    • Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) 2011 Flood: asset vulnerability study
    • BCC CitySmart Regional Carbon Sink study


    • Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council Planning Scheme [examples *]
    • Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council Planning Scheme
    • Gold Coast Airport Runway Extension
    • Coopers Gap Wind Farm study


    • Defence Shoalwater Bay Training Area GIS data assessment / data management
    • Major Strategic Department of Defence project (Restricted/Classified)
    • Major re-engineering of the AECOM corporate spatial data infrastructure environment / content
    [examples *] = mapping produced for each of these projects (opens in new browser)

    AECOM Corporate Data re-engineering:
    As part of the on-going development and maintenance of the AECOM QLD spatial information system environment, Bill was responsible for the entire re-engineering of the Corporate Spatial Data repository, including:

    Queensland Rail secondment:
    An 11-month secondment to Queensland Rail (QR) saw Bill as the acting GIS Manager, responsible for management of GIS technology and systems, co-ordination of spatial data management, and development of further technology to support GIS throughout QR.

    The Bill Collins Group - GIS Consultancy, Brisbane, Australia

    Position: Principal Consultant
    Activities: Spatial systems consultant in Brisbane, involved in the following projects/systems:

    Energex Gas Network:

    • ArcGIS / ArcFM facilities & asset mapping
    • Data input, update, and maintenance; Data Quality and Integrity checking
    • Data and System analysis, improvements, and streamlining; Documentation of workflow and procedures
    • Research for incorporation of Google Earth technology into Energex spatial systems

    South East Queensland Water (Seqwater):

    • MapInfo-based mapping, GIS analysis; Data input, update, and maintenance
    • Expert Advice; Data and System analysis
    • Research for incorporation of Google Earth technology into SEQWater spatial data systems
    • Development and production of the 2005 'Corporate Atlas' Series (52 maps)
    Maroochy Shire Council Spatial Information System (SIS) project:
    Cadastral Mapping
    • Technical requirements; Tender documentation; Contractual negotiations
    • Reporting and Documentation; Promotion of activities
    Spatial Metadata
    • Development of MSC-specific metadata standards; MSC metadata policy
    • Development of metadata input tool; Design of metadata environment
    Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA)
    • Development of GDA migration strategy; Action Plan
    • Co-ordination of GDA migration; Documentation
    • Promotion and awareness of GDA; Implementation of support mechanisms
    Data Custodianship
    • Development of Data Custodianship Policy; Documentation
    • Promotion and awareness; Implementation of Data Custodianship and Data Stewardship within Council
    Spatial Data Standards
    • Development of MSC-specific spatial data standards
    • Use of SDSFIE, AS/NZS, ISO, ICSM standards
    • Documentation of standards
    • Implementation of use of data standards
    • Appropriate promotion and awareness of standards
    'Spatial Data Register' (SDR)
    • Conceptual Design
    • SDR Web site design & implementation
    • 'Spatial Data Register' (SDR) Database development
    • ANZLIC XML metadata records development
    • Data Licence Agreement & Data Supply (LADS) system

    Egis Consulting Australia, National GIS Centre of Excellence, Brisbane, Australia

    Position: National GIS Manager
    Activities: Co-ordination and management of GIS nationally; Promotion and marketing; Delivery of GIS-based projects; Development of GIS business; Strategic planning.
    Major project involvements include: AGL gas pipeline GIS: Carpentaria Gas Pipeline (CGP) and Roma-Brisbane gas Pipeline (RBP); Queensland Cement Limited (QCL) environmental management: "ManaGIS" web-based environmental monitoring/management system

    ACT Land Information Centre (ACTLIC), Planning and Land Management (PALM) Group, Urban Services Department (USD), ACT Government

    Position: Manager, Business Development
    Duties/Responsibilities: Development/project management of new business opportunities; Promotion and Marketing of surveying, mapping and spatial information products and services; Internet and online spatial systems, web mapping, and the ACTLIC web site;

    Position: A/g Manager, ACTMAP
    Duties/Responsibilities: Management of human, financial, physical and technological resources; Strategic work objectives and technological development objectives; Internal and external liaison, and representation in forums Expert advice, development of policy; Workplace stability, ensuring quality, and continuous improvement

    Position: ACTMAP Data Co-ordinator
    Duties/Responsibilities: Management of spatial data capture for ACTMAP Staff supervision, management and training; Ensuring data integrity, both input and output; Systems and procedures development and documentation internal and external liaison, and client management

    Australian Land Power

    Position: Partner / Technical Manager / Consultant
    Activities: Projects covering a broad range of work were undertaken, using many different types of software, including Liscad, Geocomp, MicroStation, AutoCAD, Genasys, and Leica SKI GPS. Types of work included: Large scale Digital cadastral mapping; Asset digitizing and data capture; Spatial data management; Systems and software development, Staff training; Water resources mapping; Survey information data management, editing, plan production, and supply.
    Major Clients: Rural Water Corporation; Geelong & District Water Board; Portland Water Board; Dubbo City Council

    Survey Computing Consultants (Vic) Pty Ltd
    (now Geocomp Systems and Geocomp Consulting)

    Position: Bureau Manager / Consultant / Survey & Engineering Draftsperson (Computer Operator)
    Activities: Bureau supervision, co-ordination & management; Client liaison, hardware & software support; Large-scale cadastral mapping, data entry, computer drafting; Documentation and training, troubleshooting and problem resolution.


    RMIT Technical College (TAFE) - Melbourne, Vic.
    Position: Lecturer - Surveying

    RMIT - Melbourne, Vic.
    Position: Storeman - Studley Park Survey Annexe (part-time)

    Adshead & McQuie - Melbourne, Vic.
    Position: Survey Draftsperson

    R.W.Barnett & Assoc - Beechworth, Vic.
    Position: Field Survey Technician / Draftsperson


    "Bill is a reliable and dedicated professional. He spares no effort to achieve results and meet critical deadlines."
    "I would recommend Bill to any position for which he is qualified."
    - Rod Menzies, Chief Surveyor of the ACT
    "Bill has an extraordinary range of experience, skill and knowledge in geospatial technologies, the Internet, business development, marketing and government."
    "One of Bill's outstanding talents is innovation. Bill has the capacity to develop new products and services...that deliver practical solutions to meet the needs of government and industry."
    "I can confidently recommend Bill Collins for any project, task or function involving geospatial or information technologies, GIS/LIS, project management, business development or marketing. There is no doubt that Bill will always deliver and add value."
    - Keith Bell, Surveyor-General of Victoria
    "Bill was a valued member of the project team. He also displayed exceptional written and oral skills and was able to get his message to a diverse range of staff within Council ranging from CEO and General Managers to the people at the coal face in a variety of Departments. Bill also challenged the "norm" and led discussions on improving our current processes."
    "I have no hesitation in recommending Bill to any prospective employer for his energy, commitment and willingness to "go the extra mile" to achieve often difficult and complex goals."
    - Peter Ellis, SIS program Director, Maroochy Shire Council
    "Bill was successful in developing a credible capacity that had not previously existed within QR and one that establishes a foundation platform on which the organisation can build into the future. Bill was fundamental in the development and deployment of the GIS web mapping system (QR Discovery)"
    "I would have no hesitation in recommending Bill as a very capable and competent GIS professional; He has clarity of thought that ensures progress on the issues impacting on an organisation, and possesses a determination to develop lasting solutions..."
    - Ian Croot, Manager Asset Management Systems, Queensland Rail
    "Bill worked on many major projects in Defence, Rail and Transport where he used his extensive knowledge in spatial data management and GIS skills. Bill educated a lot of us about the benefits and value of GIS & Spatial Systems.
    - Peter McLean, Manager CAD systems, AECOM Brisbane
    "Bill was employed as the South Queensland (SQ) GIS Team Leader for AECOM. Bill grew the GIS Team from one or two members up to seven or eight members. This involved engaging with many elements of the business, then ensuring delivery of specialist services" for further growth of the business.
    "AECOM was involved in a number of major infrastructure projects in SQ over this period. Bill planned, set-up and coordinated geospatial support to these as well as many smaller projects an endeavours. He was also responsible for providing a lot of 'behind the scenes' support that is critical to modern businesses."
    "Bill has always been a passionate and strong advocate for GIS and geospatial applications, both in our organisation and in the wider community."
    - Bill Thomson, ANZ Market Sector Leader, GIS & Spatial Systems, AECOM Brisbane